Visualization Techniques

3 Must-Watch Videos To Learn About Visualization Quickly

Visualization is simply a technique that helps you realize your goals. The definition may be simple, but it is not that easy to do. There are elements that you need to consider and a mindset that you need to be at. As with any important endeavor, practice makes perfect.

Here are 3 easy to digest videos that you should not skip on if you want to learn about visualization. Each video is 5 minutes or less and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Practice Visualization: Achieve Your Best Performance

In this video, Brian Tracy introduces you to the elements of visualization. In his words:
Practice visualization exercises and continually feed your mind with clear, exciting, emotional pictures. Set your goals high, remember the law of attraction and that your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.

How to Practice Positive Visualization

In this video, Jovanka Ciares walks you through the basics of visualization and how she does it. The process is simple, but it takes time and practice to master.

Visualization Technique by Sparkles Lund

This is a simple explanation of how YouTube personality and dancer, Sparkles Lund uses visualization to help her perform at her best in every show.

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