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3 Top Rated and Newly Released Self Help Books for June 2015

This month, we look at a few of the best selling and top rated self help books. Outlined below are three of the latest books that will not only last you a month but also give you valuable life lessons.

Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence

Author: Ben Carson M.D.
Pages: 272
Publisher: Zondervan (May 19, 2015)
This book is for you if your life is a series of shattered dreams. This book is for you if you have no dreams at all. It’s for you if you’ve bought the lie that you’ll never amount to anything. That’s not true. Your life is BIG-far bigger than you’ve imagined. Inside these pages lie the keys to recognizing the full potential of your life. You won’t necessarily become a millionaire (though you might), but you will attain a life that is rewarding, significant, and more fruitful than you ever thought possible. The author of this book knows about hardship. Ben Carson grew up in inner-city Detroit. His mother was illiterate. His father had left the family. His grade-school classmates considered Ben stupid. He struggled with a violent temper. In every respect, Ben’s harsh circumstances seemed only to point to a harsher future and a bad end. But that’s not what happened. By applying the principles in this book, Ben rose from his tough life to one of amazing accomplishments and international renown. He learned that he had potential, he learned how to unleash it, and he did. You can too. Put the principles in this book in motion. Things won’t change overnight, but they will change. You can transform your life into one you’ll love, bigger than you’ve ever dreamed.

Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way

Author: Mike Robbins
Pages: 240
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.; 2 edition (May 12, 2015)
In Nothing Changes Until You Do, Mike’s third book, he looks at one of the most important and
challenging aspects of life-our relationship with ourselves. Even the most successful person struggles
with this delicate relationship, which has created an epidemic of self-criticism, self-doubt, and thinking
that our value is directly connected to the external world-our jobs, our finances, our appearance, our
accomplishments, and so on.

Unworthy: How to Stop Hating Yourself

Author: Anneli Rufus
Pages: 288
Publisher: Tarcher (May 19, 2015)
As someone who has struggled with low self-esteem her entire life, Anneli Rufus knows only too well how the world looks through the eyes of those who are not comfortable in their own skin. In Unworthy, Rufus boldly explores how a lack of faith in ourselves can turn us into our own worst enemies.

Drawing on extensive research, enlightening interviews, and her own poignant experiences, Rufus considers the question: What personal, societal, biological, and historical factors coalesced to spark this secret epidemic, and what can be done to put a stop to it? She reveals the underlying sources of low self-esteem and leads us through strategies for positive change.

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