5 Videos That Inspire and Help Embrace Failures

5 Videos That Inspire and Help Embrace Failures

These videos are great to watch over and over again. When you feel down or are simply bored, take some time to watch one of them and see if something productive comes out. Lots of positive results have been mentioned from watching these kinds of videos.

Through Hell (7m02s)

Whatever tragedy you’re going through right now is not a reason to simply throw in the towel. Having nothing does not mean that there is no more left in you. It means that you have a clean slate and are now free to do anything you want to get your life back in order.

Have Courage, Be Fearless (12m21s)

Having the courage to do what seems to be unachievable is quite an undertaking. More so when everyone around you says what you’ve been fearing all along – failure. As has been said in the video, find out the “why” in what you do. Soon enough, you’ll find out why some people succeed. If it was easy, everyone else would have done it.

The Obstacle Is The Way (18m35s)

This video will teach you a lot of things about seeing failure as a key to success. Failing a test or business venture doesn’t mean that it’s not for you. Rather, it means that there is more to learn in order to get good results. So don’t waste time pondering on your failures.

The Art of Self-Improvement: Doing What You Love Until It’s Done Right (12m42s)

Barton Gilley shares his experience as an artist to show how passion can turn trash into a beautiful artwork.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People (14m08s)

Based on a book written by Stephen Covey, this video lists the seven habits that you need to develop in order to be successful in life.

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