Creating a Vision Board that Works

Creating a Vision Board that Works

The human brain tends to work continuously to achieve the statements being fed into the subconscious mind. If these mental statements are the images and declarations of your goals in life, then you will have better chances of achieving them.

A vision board is considered by many people as one of the most effective tools in improving their productivity and overall success. This excellent tool will serve as an image of your future – a visual manifestation of what you are going to be. It embodies your goals, your dreams and your idea of a perfect life.

Since the human mind reacts strongly to visual stimuli, you can greatly enhance your mental performance by regularly looking at things that you want to achieve in the future. In this particular situation, the old saying, “a picture paints a thousand words,” is certainly accurate.

If you already have a clear idea of what your goals are, it is time to present them using a visual board.

The Process

Look for pictures that show or represent the attitudes, possessions, and experiences you want to have in your life, and put them on your board. This activity may prove to be time-consuming so try to enjoy what you are doing. Use old photographs, cutouts from magazines, images from the internet – anything that can inspire you to become a better person. You should be creative in making your visual board. Aside from pictures, you can add other things (e.g. short notes, stickers, etc) that can motivate you to perform better.

Vision Board Cutout

You may want to include one of your pictures on the visual board. In this case, choose a picture that was taken while you were certainly happy and content with your life. You can also add your favorite quotes, inspirational words, affirmations and personal thoughts. Make sure that your chosen pictures and words inspire you.

You can use this board to show dreams and objectives in every area of your life, or for a particular aspect that you want to focus on. Keep your board neat, and be choosy about what you add onto your vision board. Since you don’t want your future to be chaotic, it would be best if you will avoid chaos in setting up your board.

Use only pictures and words that are relevant to your goals and dreams. If you want your board to be an effective motivational tool, you have to keep it simple and clear. Excessive images and information can be confusing. Instead of helping you achieve your objectives, a complicated visual board can actually distract you from what you should be doing in life.

How to Use It

Try to keep the vision board near your bed. Place it in an open position so you can easily look at it anytime you want. Spend a few minutes looking at your board every day. There are four things that you need to consistently do while staring at your board:

  1. Visualize
  2. Affirm
  3. Believe
  4. Internalize

Many people find it more beneficial to look at their visual boards during nighttime. This is because the images and ideas that exist in your mind before you sleep are usually the ones that will be imprinted into your subconscious. Once these positive thoughts are clearly etched on your mind, you will feel more energized to face the problems that you will encounter every day.

It is an excellent idea to set up a new board every year. As you grow older, your dreams and goals will continue to develop. You have to update your visual board to make sure that it still represents your ultimate goals in life.

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