Envision Your Vision Board

Envision Your Vision Board

You have probably set at least a few goals in your life that you didn’t follow through with. Whether you wanted to save more money, lose more weight or find yourself more hobbies, that wish fell through. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time to accomplish that goal, or maybe you went about it in the wrong way. Creating a vision board is a method you can use to avoid losing any more dreams to chaos.

Understanding a Vision Board

A vision board is more than just a bunch of pictures that you think are pretty. Instead, a vision board is a set of images that clearly express and define what it is that you want in life. Some people have placed a specific object on a vision board and then, later, stumbled across that very object. When you create a vision board, you aren’t just putting together a collage. Instead, you need to clear your mind of negative thoughts and take your time. Also, you should remember that a vision board is an ongoing process.

Clearing Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

If your mind is wrought with troubles while you are creating your vision board, you may find yourself unable to focus on the project. Instead, you may select images that are associated with the negative thoughts in your mind. Before you start to look for images, you should center yourself. That process has different meanings for different people. You may want to practice yoga in your living room, take a nap with gentle music playing, pray or recite a rosary or sit outside in the yard on a warm day. Once you feel relaxed, you can begin to create your vision board.

Defining What You Want

As you begin to clear your mind of those negative thoughts, you should begin to think about what it is that you truly want in life. The answer to that inquiry varies from person to person. You could desire children, money, a spouse, a brand new car, a luxury condo, love, honesty, support and myriad other objects or concepts. When you begin to look for pictures, these desires will rest at the surface of your mind.

Receiving Natural Inspiration

While you do want to post specific pictures of what you want on your vision board, you can look through magazines, newspapers, catalogs and other written material to see what inspires you. Remember, however, you are not clipping pictures of just any picture that is visually appealing to you. Instead, you want to focus on images that are connected to your desires. Before you clip any particular picture, ask yourself if it is truly something that you want and truly something that is worthy of your vision board.

Refining Your Vision Board

Once you have browsed, you may still lack images of those intangible and tangible things that you desire the most. You can always browse online to find the exact images that you are looking for. Also, in the future, you may decide that you no longer have a particular goal. As long as you truly are not interested in it anymore, remove it from your vision board. You may find yourself adding images to the board as your visions change.

When you have a positive attitude and believe in your vision board, you can accomplish your dreams.

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