10 Films To Watch To Keep You Motivated Throughout The Year

10 Films To Watch To Keep You Motivated Throughout The Year

A regular dose of motivation drives you to do better on various aspects of your life. Your goals become clearer when you are motivated. But no matter how hard you try, there will always be obstacles on the way. Conquering them won’t be easy, but the rewards will be great once the hurdle is removed.

When you have bad days, watch one of the motivational films listed below so that you are reminded that you are not alone in your ordeal and that there are people who can help you maintain your focus.

The SecretThis film brought the concept of the "Law of Attraction" to the mainstream audience. A large part of its success was because of its appearance in the Oprah Winfrey Show in February, 2007. Millions of copies have been sold since then.

The Secret is a documentary that introduces you to the "Law of Attraction". The law claims that continually thinking and believing in your goals will help you realize them by attracting circumstances that work towards those ambitions. Ultimately, the film promotes positive thinking.
Rhonda ByrneRating - 4.5
Wishes FulfilledWishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.Wayne W. DyerRating - 4.5
The Power of IntentionTaped live in front of a thousand fans in Boston’s historic theater district, Dr. Wayne Dyer transforms conventional thinking about making things happen in our lives into a profound understanding of how each person possesses the infinite potential and power to co-create the life he or she desires.Wayne W. DyerRating - 4.5
HappyHappy combines cutting-edge science from the new field of positive psychology with real-life stories of people from around the world whose lives illustrate these findings.Roko Belic
Rating - 4.5
Excuses Begone!Dr. Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change the self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. Even though you may know what to think, actually changing those thinking habits that have been with you since childhood might be somewhat challenging.Wayne W. DyerRating - 4.5
Finding JoeFinding Joe explores how the hero's journey is relevant and essential in today's world. It provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life or, as Campbell would simply state, how to "follow your bliss." The film takes us on an inspirational quest of self-discovery. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think.Deepak ChopraRating - 4.5
Awake in the DreamCatharina Roland explores this crucial question, inviting us to share in her deeply enriching journey to discover how we can be whole again, how we can heal ourselves and the environment we live in, and how we can leave the cocoons of our perception to face our own selfishness and fears.Catharina RolandRating - 4.5
The Power of the HeartThe Power of the Heart presents fascinating evidence that your heart is much more than a physical organ...and that it can actually transform your views of money, health, relationships, and success.Drew HeriotRating - 4.5
Thoughts Become ThingsExplains the most powerful principle ever to be discovered by humankind. From visualization guidelines, to examples of exactly how to use and not use your words and actions, this film shares tools that have helped thousands of people all over the world to understand and harness the most fundamental of all life's principles.Mike DooleyRating - 4.5
No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!In No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!, Nick encourages viewers to focus on the positive and realize their true potential. Born without arms or legs, he nevertheless has overcome adversity to enjoy a wonderful family life and a meaningful, inspirational career.Nick VujicicRating 4

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