Videos That Inspire and Make You Teary-Eyed

3 Videos That Inspire, Empower and Make You Teary-Eyed

If you were born without arms and legs, how far would you have gone in life? If you were blind, would you have given up on being a productive member of society? If you were told by your doctor that you won’t be able to walk again, how would you have gone forward from then on?

These are just some of the questions that the people in these videos have asked themselves. One was born without arms and legs. The other came into this world without vision. Another was paralyzed due to an accident. But there’s one common theme among these individuals – willpower. They demonstrated that strong will can certainly conquer adversity. Watch their inspiring stories.

Jack Kavanagh – Fearless Like a Child

20-year-old Jack Kavanagh’s life changed one afternoon when he had a wind surfing accident. He spent two weeks in intensive care and another four weeks in rehabilitation. Only then did he know the extent of the damage to his body. Jack had a major spinal injury which severely limited his activities below his upper chest. In short, he can’t go back to the things he does anymore without assistance. Even transferring from his wheelchair to his bed would be highly unlikely. But all those issues didn’t stop Jack from moving forward.

Derek Rabelo – Story of a Blind Surfer

His father dreamed of having a son that would become a professional surfer. Regrettably for Derek Rabelo, he was brought into this world with no eyesight. Seventeen years later, he decided that he would fulfill his dream as well as his dad’s despite his impairment. Derek embarked on a three-year intensive training which eventually caught the attention of famous pro-surfers and film personalities alike. His film, Beyond Sight tells his journey.

Nick Vujicic – Born Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic was born with a rare disorder that prevented his arms and legs from developing. Nick faced constant humiliations throughout his childhood. At a young age, he had already realized that he would be a burden to his parents, would not go far and is unlikely to get married. Still, he drew courage from his parents who kept on encouraging him to keep on going. Despite his condition, Nick can swim, surf, snowboard, brush his teeth and wash his hair. In his own words, “It’s not what you have, but what you do with it. I am not afraid to try and fail.”

Here are some quotes to remember

Try and fail but don't fail to try.

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. -Les Brown

Keep trying until you have no more chances left. -Aimee Carter

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