Using Failure to Succeed

Using Failure To Succeed

Failure is not something to be proud of. Would you be proud of your failed relationship? What about your failed business? Or maybe there’s a lot talk about on your failed career? Nobody likes to fail, but behind each successful individual is a variety of failures. Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison – all of them tasted defeat a number of times.

The best stories often begin with a failure.

Of course, there are certain things that you don’t want to fail at. You don’t want to fail at piloting an actual airplane or neutralizing an attacker as it may cost you your life or someone else’s. Then again, there are also certain things that are essential for you to succeed. Birds most likely fall down to the ground the first time they fly. Babies don’t walk straight the first time they do it. Think of these essential failures as a stepping stone to success.

Practice Makes Perfect

How do you turn failure into success? You learn from it. See which one works and which one needs to go. As you come across more setbacks, you’ll eventually find a method that will work for you going forward. However, if you give up on the first try, then the road to success may be further in sight.

Failure keeps you going.

The fear of failing can sometimes lead to inaction. When you reach this point, there’s no success to speak of anymore. Doing nothing is never a good thing.

Wouldn’t you be more satisfied if the things you’ve gone through on the way to success were loaded with ups and downs? Surely, you’d appreciate more the value of your home if you worked hard for it rather than if your parents just passed it onto you. It’s also the same with these billionaire heirs. If they were not taught the value of their assets, it would have been easy to destroy what the previous generations have built.

That’s why it’s important to try out whatever it is that you want to attain. Gain experience and assess your results. Fail to succeed. The more, the better.

Fail to succeed.

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