Reduce Stress Through Meditation Exercises

Reduce Stress Through Meditation Exercises

Meditation exercises are effective in reducing stress and teaching your body and mind to relax. Furthermore, such activities also encourage the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are many types of meditation exercises. Your choice will ultimately depend on the effectiveness of each one. One type that you can try out is the walking meditation. Monks use it as part of their daily routine. They simply walk around a silent area while contemplating or meditating on something. It should be easy enough for everyone.

Walking Meditation

In walking meditation, you need to find yourself a set path. It can be in a circular track or in a garden. Start by walking through your desired path so you can get a feel for it. Once you’re familiar with your route, begin taking in slow and deep breaths. As you do this, try to be conscious of your body. Walk slowly. As you are walking, try to be aware of how your body operates. Do not attempt to criticize every function or movement. Just be aware of how your body moves as you walk.

Initially, the exercise might come off as ridiculous. Don’t be dissuaded by it. You just need to do it more often to get comfortable with it. Distractions are normal, especially when you’re not used to them. When they do happen, try your best to ignore them and move on with the exercise. Walking meditation can be performed for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Step Inside a Painting

Another simple meditation exercise is what’s known as the step inside a painting technique. Begin by finding a painting or picture that’s relaxing and enjoyable to look at. Put it a few feet away from you and find a comfortable place to sit on, preferably in an area where you won’t be disturbed. Once you’re satisfied, close your eyes. Be aware of your breathing. Be attentive to how your body functions as you breathe in and out gradually. Give it a couple of minutes, and you will notice your body starting to relax.

At this point, open your eyes and look at the painting. Simply gaze at the picture. Be aware of the scenery, the lines and the colors. Try to set the picture in your mind. Once you have it captured in your mind, close your eyes once again. Create the picture mentally and imagine yourself walking into the picture. Look at the frame and to the place where you are sitting. Allow your mind to take you into the picture. Explore and be aware of your surroundings as you are inside the painting. Once you open your eyes, you’ll feel more relaxed.

Practice these meditation exercises and incorporate them into your life. They will definitely help you get rid of stress.

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