Top 3 Roadblocks To Abundance

Top 3 Roadblocks To Abundance

Henry Ford quote

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

It’s all about the mindset. What you think about, you manifest. Here’s a simple example. Read news articles from popular news outlets online, on Facebook in particular. After a couple of hours, you’ll see a variety of comments from both sides of the fence. Wait a few more hours, and you’ll see top comments with a lot of Likes. This can then tell you what the general sentiment is among the readers. Sometimes, the mood is so viral that it becomes a habit to favor one side and ignore the other.

Henry Ford’s statement affects us all. We all dream to succeed in life and to be abundant in all things. But often times, many get stuck dreaming. After all, it’s easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk.

Discussed below are three of the most common hurdles to abundance.

Scarcity Mindset

The scarcity mindset thrives on the idea that there is not enough to go around. People who have this mindset are usually those who live beyond their means to fund their lavish lifestyle. Their motto in life is YOLO – you only live once. If they don’t travel the world now, they may never be able to do it when they’re 60. They reinforce that belief by saying that they may never even be able to reach that age. So they spend their money traveling around the world and showing off their selfies and profile photos in social media.

These people are also vulnerable to misery and envy. They get jealous seeing others with gadgets they don’t have or who have been in places they haven’t. Then they deduce that if only they had more, they would have gotten the same.

This mindset blocks our ability to think about abundance in many ways.

Desire for Things

For some reason, we like to collect stuff. Many people keep things that have a personal connection to them. Some collect paintings or gold coins for investment purposes, but the vast majority collect things simply because they have the means.

Youngsters of this generation are a good example. In video games, almost every newly released triple A title has a Collector’s Edition nowadays, and they sell out quickly. Only time will tell if these collectibles will rise in value. For the time being, these things occupy precious space.

Our desire for things create a culture of endless spending. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending. It’s the reason why our economy keeps on growing. But it’s this desire for things we don’t need that makes our desire for abundance remain a fantasy.

Stop Buying Things You Don't Need

Comparison Complex

Despite our flaws, it’s nice to always feel good about ourselves. It helps boost our self-esteem. But it’s difficult not to check on friends and former classmates from time to time, especially when social media is the buzzword these days. When you see them on TV or hear about them having fun elsewhere, comparison complex can easily creep in. Once self-doubt sets in, the road to abundance takes a turn.

Learn to avoid these pitfalls so you can set your path towards abundance.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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