Laughter's Healing Qualities

Laughter’s Healing Qualities

Laughter is the best medicine. Almost everyone agrees that laughter has qualities that improve health and wellness. Laughing suggests that you are happy, and happiness is something that everybody desires.

As a matter of fact, the physician, Hunter Doherty “Patch” Adams became famous due to his use of clowns to bring humor to terminally ill patients. Every year, he would gather volunteers and encourage them to dress up as clowns to amuse cancer patients or those suffering from some type of depression. The movie based on his life pretty much sums up his point of view: Humor is an antidote to all ills.

Meanwhile, the Law of Attraction talks about frequencies or vibrations that you should broadcast to the universe. If you want a happy life, then you should send out positive vibrations as well. On that note, laughter is a very effective means of transmitting good vibes.

Let’s see what else laughter can do for you:

  • Burns calories – studies suggest that the calories you burn while laughing are increased by up to 20%. Laughing for 15 minutes daily can burn 10-40 calories, which translates to 1-4 lbs. a year.
  • Relieves stress – it has been observed that laughter helps in blood circulation and heart rate variability. In turn, it reduces the physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, low energy and nausea.
  • Opens you up to different perspectives – sometimes, laughter can be the difference between “can’t do” and “can do”. It’s easier to think when you’re happy and inspired, isn’t it?

Laugh at yourself and your situation once in a while, no matter how difficult it is. You and the others around you deserve to feel good!

Remember the quotes below so you’ll always be reminded to laugh.

Laughter is Cheap Medicine by George Gordon Byron

Laughter by Dr. Madan Kataria

Laughter by Veronica Roth

Laughter is poison to fear

Laughter by Marjane Satrapi

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